6 Ways to Get Healthier in 2018

January 20, 2018
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January 20, 2018 Jonathan Nolan

6 Ways to Get Healthier in 2018

Did you make any New Year’s resolutions this year? Most people do, but then they abandon those resolutions within a month or so. There’s no shame in that; sometimes a resolution just doesn’t work for us, or we don’t achieve the results we envisioned. But because most of us do need to work on our personal health, try these six practices to get healthier in 2018. We chose them specifically because, for most people, they aren’t very difficult.

Get more – and better quality – sleep. Many of you might be running around sleep deprived. Even if you’re getting “enough” sleep, it might not be quality sleep. Are you waking up several times per night? Or do you feel exhausted in the morning, hitting the snooze button on your alarm several times? Since you spend one third of your life in bed, make sure to invest in a quality mattress, a comfortable pillow, room darkening shades, and anything else you might need to get true, quality sleep.

Walk at least 30 minutes per day. We’re all busy, but almost anyone can find the time for a 30-minute walk each day. Take a walk on your lunch break, or do laps while the kids practice soccer in the afternoon. You can even break it up into three ten-minute walks, if necessary.

Choose the stairs. Have you noticed how much time you spend waiting for the elevator to arrive? You might as well take the stairs, and fit a bit more exercise into your day.

Practice mindful eating. Many of us are eating in front of TV, computer, or smartphone screens these days. When you indulge in this habit, you lose track of how much you’re eating. You also won’t feel satiated as quickly, because you aren’t paying attention to your food. Try turning off all screens before eating, and paying attention to each bite you take.

Try one new activity. Is there an activity that has always interested you, but you’ve never gotten around to trying it? Maybe ballroom dancing, zumba, mountain biking, or yoga? Make a commitment to try that new activity this year. You will broaden your horizons while also getting a great workout.

Practice gratitude. Studies have shown that the happiest people are those who are grateful for what they already have. Plus, happiness often translates into lower stress and better physical health. So take a moment each day to reflect on what makes you feel grateful. It’s a good habit that requires zero financial investment, and only a moment of your time.


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