It’s Almost Time to Enroll in a Healthcare Plan

August 10, 2018
August 10, 2018 Jonathan Nolan

It’s Almost Time to Enroll in a Healthcare Plan

Summer is coming to an end soon, and that means those of us in the insurance industry are getting ready for Fall. For many people, fall means pumpkin spice lattes, bonfires, and cooler weather… But it also means it’s time to re-evaluate your healthcare plan.

Your exact dates will depend upon which type of health insurance plan you have, because we actually operate two different enrollment periods.

Medicare beneficiaries can make changes to their plans beginning on October 15, until December 7. This is your Annual Election Period. During this time you can:

  • switch between Advantage plans
  • drop your Advantage plan and go back to Original Medicare
  • switch from Original Medicare to Advantage
  • drop or add Part D (prescription) coverage

The important thing to know is that your Medicare plan offerings can change from one year to the next, but your plan administrator will notify you of these changes. Watch your mail, and carefully read any notices regarding your Medicare plan.

And, even if your plan isn’t changing at all, it might not be a good fit for you anymore. Now is the time to begin reviewing your medical expenses for the previous year, and think about your potential needs for next year. If you believe your current plan is a good fit for you, you don’t have to do anything. You will be automatically re-enrolled. But if you have questions or want to explore your other options, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you do that.

In California, Obamacare dates to enroll in a new health insurance plan or switch from one plan to another begin on October 15 and continue through January 15, 2019. Do keep in mind that this can vary by state so if you live in California, mark these dates on your calendar!

As with Medicare, if you do nothing, you will be automatically re-enrolled in your current plan. Now is the time to investigate your plan, any changes that are coming (like premium increase) and conduct some comparison shopping. We can help with that part; give us a call, and we’ll help you investigate all of your health insurance options. We’re also available to help your family and friends, so make sure to pass along our number to anyone who might need our help.



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